concert program

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friday   28.08.   21:00
Makiko Nishikaze translating Der Kreis des Gegenstandes (Sven-Åke Johansson/Werner Dafeldecker/Axel Dörner) Composer Nishikaze translates the music of the ‘acoustic trio with concise aesthetic framework conditions’ into a trio for piccolo flute (Klaus Schöpp), harp (Katharina Hanstedt), and tuba (Robin Hayward).    > read more
Burkhard Beins translating Tuxedomoon The percussionist and composer-performer re-composes the music of the legendary New Wave Avantgarde Band.   > read more
Les Reines Prochaines translating Les Femmes Savantes The female band translates the music of the female composer-performers into their language of music performance art.   > read more

saturday   29.08.   21:00
The Pitch translating Olivier Messiaen The echtzeitmusik quartet re-reads microscopically Messiaen’s iconic piece ‘Quatuor pour la fin du temps’.   > read more
Grischa Lichtenberger translating Robin Hayward The raster-noton label artist translates the music of the composer and tubist into experimental electronic music.   > read more
Felix Kubin translating Splitter Orchester The electronic artist re-composes the music of the 24-member orchestra without conductor.   > read more

sunday   30.08.   20:00
Stefan Streich translating Thomas Ankersmit Composer Streich re-composes Ankersmit’s synthetic music. Performed by ensemble mosaik: Matthias Badczong & Christian Vogel (clarinets), Mathis Mayr & Niklas Seidl (violoncellos).   > read more
Helium translating Mika Vainio The composer-performer trio Lucio Capece / Bryan Eubanks / Morten J. Olsen (2 soprano saxophones & drum set) perform the minimal techno of Mika Vainio in an acoustic format.   > read more
Kyoka translating Annette Krebs The solo artist from label raster-noton translates the electro-acoustic music by composer and performer Annette Krebs.   > read more