LABOR SONOR. the interview series.

9T ANTIOPE Nima Aghiani & Sara Bigdeli Shamloo •••••
SEAMUS CATER / Johnny Chang / Koen Nutters / Germaine Sijstermans •••••

PARA ATRAS Lucio Capece & Monika Zyla ••••• 
Audrey CHEN & Phil MINTON ••••• Mads Emil NIELSEN ••••• Michelle MOURA •••••
DOES SOUND HAVE A SHADOW‽ Klaus Filip / Christian Kobi / Jonas Kocher / Radu Malfatti •••••
NUOVA SUPERFICIE Giovanni Lami & Enrico Malatesta •••••

Nima Aghiani & Sara Bigdeli Shamloo
The two Iranian musicians based in Paris talk about their new album PLACEBO, about doom & death, about songs & stories, about homages & references, new perspectives, and two bodies orbiting each other.

Interview until 09:33
09:33 Placebo. Dose I (Danse macabre). Listen to & purchase the whole album here: PLACEBO
Photos by by Ashkan Noroozkhani (1st photo) and Malthe Ivarsson (live photo). Interview by Derek Shirley (Labor Sonor).

Seamus Cater – voice, concertina • Johnny Chang – viola • Koen Nutters – double bass • Germaine Sijstermans – clarinet
Seamus Cater talks about the compositional process of his songs, about his way of writing lyrics, relations between words and music, and how words can instruct musical processes.

Interview until 08:52
08:52 In Duplicate Delivered by Seamus Cater
18:10 The Match by Seamus Cater
Photo by Justina Nekrašaitė. Interview by Derek Shirley (Labor Sonor).

Lucio Capece – bass clarinet • Monika Zyla – piano
The duo PARA ATRAS play waltzes of the Argentinian composer Ciriaco Ortiz in an ultra-slow tempo. Lucio Capece and Monika Zyla talk about perception, migration, togetherness, and the effect of language.

Interview until 33:55
33:55 Para Atrás Lágrimas y Sonrisas
41:43 Para Atrás Tu vieja Ventana
Photos of Para Atrás by Andoz Krishnadas. Interview by Christian Kesten (Labor Sonor).

Audrey Chen – voice • Phil Minton – voice
The long experienced vocal duo talks about energy exchange, avoidance and acknowledgement, about counterpoint and complement, about the abstractness of sounds, their physical sensation, and the uniqueness of every individual.

Interview until 23:40
23:41 spontaneous improvisation after the interview, December 2020
26:48 zoom improvisation, April 2020
Photo by Audrey’s phoneInterview by Andrea Neumann (Labor Sonor).

Mads Emil Nielsen – electronics
Read the interview here:

Mads Emil Nielsen Framework 3 (Radio Version)
Photo by Pavlo ShevchukInterview by Andrea Neumann (Labor Sonor)

Michelle Moura – dancer & choreographer

Michelle Moura talks about the use of the voice in her work, its sounds, its relation to the body, about acoustic aspects of spoken language, about Léttrisme and abstract poetry, about her collaboration with composer Kaj Duncan David and the role of music in her pieces.

Interview by Fernanda Farah (Labor Sonor).

Klaus Filip & Christian Kobi & Jonas Kocher & Radu Malfatti
The quartet talks about recording in self-isolation, about memory and telepathy, the openness of Radu Malfatti’s graphic score, and the wonders of playing together in multitrack recording.

Interview until 28:19
28:19 otonokage by Radu Malfatti. The piece was also released on CD, you can order from
Klaus Filip – sinewaves • Christian Kobi – saxophones • Jonas Kocher – accordion • Radu Malfatti – bass harmonica
Photos of the quartet from their concert at festival Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf 2019 by Cristina Marx. Tokyo photos and interview by Christian Kesten (Labor Sonor).

Giovanni Lami – Nagra reel-to-reel, electronics
Enrico Malatesta – snare drum, objects, sticks

The duo NUOVA SUPERFICIE [The New Surface] talks about the sound of a name, about surfaces and horizons, vertical and horizontal actions, and the surprising effects of the unconventional use of space.

The possibility to listen to the recording s/t (2019/2020) has expired. Listen to their 2018 album MÉLANGE here.
Photos by ‽. Interview by Christian Kesten (Labor Sonor).