Clément Layes composing for Steve Heather & Anthea Caddy


In his most recent works, the dancer, philosopher and choreographer Clément Layes transforms everyday objects by means of semiotic shifts into symbols and tools for artistic production. In the process, an artistic and sometimes political potential becomes visible in everyday actions. When objects receive attention, light, time, the whole arrangement turns into theatre.

For LABOR SONOR : MOVING MUSIC Layes would like to expand the concept of the object to include the more abstract and less tangible object ‘sound’. Here his concern is to allow the making visible of the relationship of a musician to their sound object as well as the rules of the game that are concealed within this relation. Which conventions arise when creating sounds, and how do they evolve in the process of music-making?

Due to the plasticity of material, Layes thought it particularly suitable to work with a percussionist in this context. Additionally, he will invite the musicians to explore everyday objects with an eye towards the objects’ sounds. The production of sound generates choreography. Both choreography and music arise between the objects’ and performing bodies’ movements.