labor sonor series 2016


20:30 | KuLe | August St. 10 | 10117 Berlin

21 MARCH 2016  SOLO Antje Vowinckel  Towns. Logic. Solo with text projection, organ & objects. | SOLO Korhan Erel Sınıf Mücadelesi (Class Struggle) – a piece of resistance | SOLO Seiji Morimoto | QUINTET Im Wald

9 MAY 2016  SOLO Ryoko Akama Hermit for Objects | SOLO Hyoung-Min Kim No title (after 70 in motion – A dialogue on virtual intimacy).  SOLO Jacob Wick the rain in its avoided effects

13 JUNE 2016  DUO Stine Janvin Motland & Morten J. Olsen | SOLO Seamus Cater ‘The Three Things You Can Hear’ | DUO Tomomi Adachi & Ulrike Brand ‘Scores’

11 JULY 2016  SOLO Lindy AnnisFrankenstein’| DUO Rebecca Lane & Callum G’Froerer & Adam Asnan (sound design)| DUO TelebossaNicholas Bussmann & Chico Mello

17 OCTOBER 2016 SOLO Sabine Vogel ‘Clovelly Beach’ for flute, sound file and video | SOLO Mattin ‘Freedom and Improvisation’ | DUO Ana Maria Rodriguez & Emilio Gordoa ‘Klangtagebuch II – Utiles sonoros’

28 NOVEMBER 2016 | in cooperation with Berliner Künstlerprogramm des daad | LABOR SONOR SPEZIAL daad fellow Joanna Bailie guest-curating | Peter Ablinger: WEISS/WEISSLICH 11b, Carolyn Chen: Adagio, Louis d’Heudières: Laughter Studies 3James Saunders: On bare trees, James Saunders: Everybody Do This | performed by Joanna Bailie–reading, Boris Baltschun–organ, Annette Krebs–guitar, Heather Frasch–flute, Chico Mello–guitar, Koen Nutters–contrabass, Maulwerker (Ariane Jessulat–voice/face/melodicas, Henrik Kairies–face/trumpet, Christian Kesten–voice/face/guitar, Steffi Weismann–voice/face/violin)

12 DECEMBER 2016 DUO ‘How Does The Smell Of Oranges Sound?’ Part 1: Apfelsine (Chinese Apple, Date: Approx 15th Century) – Gretchen Blegen and Christina Ertl | TRIO vermulscht – Pierre Borel & Léa Lanoë & Paul Roth | TRIO tzzz – Andrea Ermke + Asi Föcker + Anthea Caddy

[In 2016 Labor Sonor is funded by INM – initiative neue musik berlin | LABOR SONOR SPEZIAL on Nov 28 is kindly supported by Berliner Künstlerprogramm des daad]