labor sonor series 2017


21:00 | KuLe | August St. 10 | 10117 Berlin

20 FEBRUARY 2017  DUO WARBLE (Miako Klein & Brad Henkel) ‘An Amplified Duo’ | DUO Biliana Voutchkova & Michael Thieke ‘Blurred Music’ | DUO Andrew Lafkas & Hannes Buder

20 MARCH 2017  SOLO Peter Cusack ‘Scenes from Vogelsang’ | SOLO Derek Shirley ‘bau des kabinets (XVIBVG)’ | SOLO Janneke van der Putten ‘Aurora’

17 APRIL 2017  SOLO Kaffe Matthews ‘Foreigner’ (2017) | DUO Tisha Mukarji & Angharad Davies ‘ffansïon | fancies’ | SOLO Kink Gong ‘Gong and more’

22 MAY 2017  DUO Andrea Parkins & Magda Mayas | DUO Michael Barthel & Michael Renkel | SOLO Mieko Suzuki

19 JUNE 2017 LABOR SONOR SPEZIAL unfunded | ‘another field’ —double record release concert— | works by Christian Kesten | ‘LACHEN 1 2 3’ performed by Antonia Baehr | ‘untitled (solo for accordion)’ performed by Jonas Kocher | ‘untitled (another field)’ performed by Lucio Capece, Axel Dörner, Andrea Neumann, Jonas Kocher and Christian Kesten

17 JULY 2017  SOLO Hanna Hartman | SOLO Liang ZhipengCondel‘ | SOLO Valentina Vuksic ‘Tripping Through Runtime’

18 SEPTEMBER 2017  TRIO New composition by Joseph Kudirka for Sparrows Ensemble: Rebecca Lane – flute, Koen Nutters – contrabass, Morten J. Olsen – percussion | SOLO Julia Reidy – guitar | Andrea Neumann ‘Music With Roots In The Aether—Catherine Lamb’ (Re-enactment of Robert Ashley’s ‘Music With Roots In The Aether—Alvin Lucier’) with Bryan Eubanks, Christian Kesten, Catherine Lamb and Andrea Neumann

01 OCTOBER 2017  CONCERT FOR MEXICO. Labor Sonor very spezial. Fundraising concert to offer our support and music to México City after the Earthquake. Part 1—18:00 Bryan Eubanks & Jordan T. Paul: claves duet | Roberta Perzolla-Marzipan Marzipan. Songs | Konzert Minimal (Johnny Chang: viola, Koen Nutters: bass, Rebecca Lane: flute, Lucio Capece: bass clarinet) play Michael Pisaro Harmony Series 9 | Boris Baltschun: electronics | Blind Tisch. Natura. Takako Suzuki: reading & Pär Thorn: text voice | Pivot – Liz Albee: trumpet & Chris Heenan: contrabass clarinet | Tisha Mukarji : piano ||  Part 2—20:00 Burkhard Beins: percussion, light | Heather Frasch: flute | Daichi Yoshikawa: speakers in feedback & Mario de Vega: electronics | Emilio Gordoa: prepared speakers, no-input mixer & E. Piscuis Gordoa: percussion, objects | Eliad Wagner: analog synthesizer | Mazen Kerbaj: trumpet, preparations & Tony Buck: drums | Werner Dafeldecker: bass & Simon Philips: Piano || Part 3—22:00 Lucy Railton: cello | Andrea Parkins: electronics, objects & Ute Wassermann: voice | Schneider TM: electric guitar. Songs | Beam Splitter – Audrey Chen: voice, cello & Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø: trombone | Nathan Fuhr & Mari Sierra: Robert Ashley’s Yellow Man with Heart with Wing | The International Nothing – Kai Fagaschinski & Michael Thieke: clarinets | Ligia Liberatori: voice | Trio – Tobias Delius: tenor sax & Mike Majkowski: bass & Steve Heather: drums | Andrea Neumann: piano & Audrey Chen: voice || Delicious Mexican Food by Ciska Jansen | Drinks at the Bar served by Arthur Rother, Nicholas Bussmann and Andrew Lafkas | Acts presented by Andrea Neumann and Derek Shirley  | Visual work by Uta Neumann | Flyer by Aniana Heras Cosin | Organized in a collective way by musicians and the Labor Sonor team | EUR2.055,- were sent to Fundación Comunitaria Puebla.

16 OCTOBER 2017 in cooperation with Berliner Künstlerprogramm des daadwith support from the Lithuanian Culture Institute | LABOR SONOR SPEZIAL | guest-curator: Arturas Bumšteinas || DUO Vladimir Tarasov & Sven-Åke Johansson | DUO Gaile Griciute & Stefan Prins | DUO Neo Hülcker & Arturas Bumšteinas

23 OCTOBER 2017  SOLO Kirsten Reese ‘Messages’ | SOLO Bryan Eubanks ‘Object’ DUO Christina Ertl-Shirley vs. Felicity Mangan

30 OCTOBER 2017 LABOR SONOR SPEZIAL | The International Nothing Kai Fagaschinski – clarinet & composition, Michael Thieke – clarinet & composition | After two and a half years of withdrawn work The International Nothing will present the world premiere performance of their first time long form composition within this Labor Sonor Spezial. | Funded by Musikfonds

11 DECEMBER 2017  SOLO d’incise composing for Félicie Bazelaire ‘New Work for Solo Instrument’ | SOLO Audrey Chen | DUO Isabell Spengler & Daniel Adams ‘Vivianne Echo Starlite’

[In 2017 Labor Sonor is funded by INM – initiative neue musik berlin & Bezirkskulturfonds Mitte]


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