labor sonor series 2012


20:32 | KuLe | August St. 10 | 10117 Berlin

16 JANUARY 2012 LABOR SONOR SPEZIAL Hannah Henderson/Angel Gabriel in THE ART OF YES!
‘When I was 26 years old my whole life changed. During a 3-hour jazzercise class at my gym I went into some kind of trance and when I came out of it Gabriel was speaking through me. Naturally things had to change after that because you can’t work at Bank of America when some angel might just start speaking through you at any moment! Well, anyways, since that time things have just made a whole lot of sense to me in my life, and I have been traveling the world to share the wisdom of Angel Gabriel. Gabriel really helps people. I’ve seen it for myself!’ – HANNAH HENDERSON
A PARTICIPATORY performance project by Hana van der Kolk.

13 FEBRUARY 2012 LABOR SONOR SPEZIAL Antoine Beuger ‘Routley Tunings for 11’. Tunings Series is a concert series initiated by Johnny Chang and Koen Nutters in November 2011. With the aim to perform the complete series of open instrumentation compositions by Antoine Beuger, from 10 to 20 instrumentalists. The ensemble is ever expanding and for each concert the number of players increases by one. One by one, Berlin-based musicians in the experimental music community were invited to join the ensemble to explore the boundary between listening and perceptions through silence, tones, harmonies and space.
Antoine Beuger, Flöte | Boris Baltschun, Elektronik | Pierre Borel, Alt-Saxofon | Lucio Capece, Bassklarinette | Johnny Chang, Violine | Hannes Lingens, Akkordeon | Koen Nutters, Kontrabass | Morten J Olsen, Vibrafon | Nils Ostendorf, Trompete | Derek Shirley, Violoncello | Michael Thieke, Klarinette

19 MARCH 2012 SOLO Benoit Moreau ‘TOYOYOY’ – solo for toypiano and electronics | SOLO Seiji Morimoto – electronics | SOLO Kim Myhr – guitar

30 APRIL 2012 SOLO Mike Majkowski – contrabass | SOLO Takako Suzuki – performance | DUO Magda Mayas & Jassem Hindi MAGDA MAYAS – clavinet/pianet + Klavier JASSEM HINDI – electro-acoustic set up: diverted machines, amplified broken objects, metal and wood scraps, contact microphones, tapes, no-fi field recordings, no input mixing board, feedback.

21 MAY 2012 SOLO Sounds from Dangerous Places’ Peter Cusack – field recordings | DUO Roy Carroll & Michael Thieke | MANUCINEMA – live camera performance by Tuia Cherici – objects, camera, projector

04 JUNE 2012 DUO Angharad Davies – violin & Tisha Mukarji – piano, inside piano | DUO ‘Pivot’ Liz Allbee – trumpet & Chris Heenan – contrabassclarinet | SOLO Eine neue kurze Partitur aus dem ‘Abecedarium Bestiarium’ von Pauline Boudry für Hirsch/Baehr | DUO ‘Kommando Raumschiff Zitrone’ Christof Kurzmann – electronics & Kai Fagaschinski – clarinet

02 JULY 2012 *** RECORD RELEASE : ECHTZEITMUSIK BERLIN *** — 3CD Compilation – 41 tracks – 230 min — with special short live performances by: boris baltschun | jürg bariletti & mike majkowski | marcello busato | anthea caddy | antoine chessex | anat cohavi | sabine ercklentz | germ studies | hanno leichtmann | matthias müller | penelopex & martin kuentz | olaf rupp

16 JULY 2012 SOLO Laurent Bruttin, clarinet | FILM + LIVE MUSIC Luis Buñuel: ‘Simon of the Desert’ (1965)  Lucio Capece, score, sop sax, bass clarinet; Christian Kesten, voice; Christian Magnusson, trumpet; Morton J Olsen, percussion

03 SEPTEMBER 2012 DUO Felicity Mangan & Ute Wassermann | SOLO Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø | SOLO Diana Combo

15 OCTOBER 2012 Drei-Kanal-Monolog’. Eine nicht-zeitgenössische Performance mit Effie Wu, Manuel Kailuweit und Markus Kison | DUO Dorothea Schürch & Andrea Ermke (voice & mini-discs) | TRIO Edberg/Erlandsson/Lisinski (gamelan & electronics): ‘Intersected Pulses’

26 NOVEMBER 2012 Alvin Lucier´s ‘The only talking machine of its kind in the world’. An interpretation by Alessandro Bosetti and Hilary Jeffery. for one vocalist, one programmer and 2-channel-video-projection | Derek Shirley ‘baudeskabinets (III-BVG)’ site-specific low frequency | Yukon Orange – the live experience

17 DECEMBER 2012 SOLO Hannes Lingens – Percussion | TRIO 300 basses Jonas Kocher, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Luca Venitucci – accordion trio | SOLO Jan Theiler aka Pastor Leumund Sprechgesang zu Tschaikowski-Schlaufen


[In 2012 Labor Sonor was funded by INM – initiative neue musik berlin]