labor sonor series 2020


21:00 | Kunsthaus KuLe | August St. 10 | 10117 Berlin

20 JANUARY TRIO Isabelle Duthoit – voice, clarinet & Yuko Oshima – drums & Soizic Lebrat – cello | SOLO Boris Hegenbart [#/TAU] — unter Treibern 2020. loudspeaker concert | TRIO Eric Bauer – electronics, objects & Lena Czerniawska – live drawing & Carina Khorkhordina – trumpet

24 FEBRUARY SOLO Leonie RoesslerShiraz. laptop live set | DUO Tina Wilke – live video & Matias Brunacci – live sound — Performing Freedom Of Movement | DUO Vinyl Terror and Horror [Camilla Sørensen & Greta Christensen – LPs and record players] — record player sculptures

14 SEPTEMBER SOLO Sebastian BerweckCage Variations II | DUO Antje Vowinckel & Chris Heenan performing Antje VowinckelHubraum. composition for vibrating loudspeaker chassis

28 SEPTEMBER | 20:00 & 22:00 SOLO Manfred Werder20160. concept composition | TRIO Fernanda Farah & Chico Mello — Doublage/Blamage. chamber film opera; with Derek Shirley – double bass

26 OCTOBER SOLO Jasmine Guffond – laptop | DUO Jule Flierl & Irena Tomažin Alien Voices. sounddance

[postponed] DUO Michelle Moura & Kaj Duncan David – performance |  SOLO Veronika SvobodováRor-bu. object performance


Sophie Watzlawick
D’après/Nach/After Suites FLOU. Performance für 16mm und bande son
Sophie Watzlawick condensed her planned performance into a 5min ‘trailer’.

These events were filmed on December 14th & 15th. You can enjoy them in good sound quality here or here.

Roy Carroll & Werner Dafeldecker
Roy Carroll – electroacoustic media
Werner Dafeldecker – double bass

Arik Hayut a.k.a. Arikon – percussion

Phill Niblock – Herbal Cooled (2019)
for cello solo and multitrack stereo file
performed by Deborah Walker – cello

Ernst SurbergL’istesso tempo
Ernst Surberg – synthesizer


In January 2021, we produced a series of podcasts / radio shows, which each features one artist, or duo, or group, introduced by an interview and followed by an audio recording of the respective artists. You find it here on this website, and on our facebook pages. These are the featured artists:

Chen & Minton Phil Minton – voice & Audrey Chen – voice

• Mads Emil Nielsen – electronics

• does sound have a shadow Klaus Filip – ppooll / Christian Kobi – tenor & soprano sax / Jonas Kocher – accordion / Radu Malfatti – bass harmonica

• NUOVA SUPERFICIE [Giovanni Lami – Nagra reel-to-reel, electronics & Enrico Malatestasnare drum, objects, sticks]

9T Antiope [Nima Aghiani & Sara Bigdeli Shamloo] – experimental audiovisual

 Michelle Moura – performance

Para Atrás ultra-slowed down argentinian waltzes
Lucio Capece – bass clarinet & Monika Zyla – piano

Seamus Cater Songs with Seamus Cater – voice, concertina;  Johnny Chang – viola; Koen Nutters – double bass; Germaine Sijstermans – clarinet

Funded by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. Spartenoffene Förderung für Festivals und Reihen einjährig.